Building a Global Movement for Drug Policy Reform: Can Young People Lead the Way


2011 - Los Angeles, CA


Facilitator: Chantal Kallas, Network Development Coordinator, Youth Rise, Lebanon
Aram Barra, Programme Director, Espolea, Mexico City, Mexico
Caleb Chepesiuk, Executive Director, Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Jonathan Perri, Senior Organizer,, Washington, DC
Evan Goldstein, Policy Coordinator, New York, Drug Policy Alliance, New York, NY
Lisa Sanchez, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction Programme Coordinator, Espolea, Mexico City, Mexico
Marcela Tovar, Coordinator of Project Evaluation and International Networking, Acción Técnica Social Colombia, Bogota

What are the optimal roles for young people in the struggle for global drug policy reform? What particular value do they bring to the movement? Should young people focus solely on issues that disproportionately affect youth, or can they make substantial contributions to upending the global prohibition regime? With social media tools increasingly being used to promote and organize political transformations and uprisings all over the world, are young people positioned to lead a global mass movement against prohibition?