We have two Scholarships Programs meant to support the attendance of people directly impacted by the war on drugs and to ensure that the diversity of our movement – in race, gender, sexuality, age, lived experience, education, immigration status, etc. – is reflected in our conference attendees. The funds are meant for people who are low-income, are in a position to clearly benefit from going to the conference, are already affiliated with a complimentary or allied movement, with a solid potential to take home new knowledge, skills and contacts that will benefit their local work in any and all issue areas of our movement.

The International Scholarships application is now closed. If you submitted an application, you will be notified of your application's status starting Friday, June 9th. Please email  if you have any questions before then.

The National Scholarships application is now open! If you are based in the U.S. and need financial assistance to attend the Reform Conference, two applications are available. Submission deadline for both is June 23rd.

  • If you are a group of four (4) or more people from the same organization, please submit the application for groups here.
  • Otherwise, please submit the application for individuals here.

Please email us at if you have any questions about Scholarships.